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We always love to share the voices of real teachers and educated professionals and their stories. Our blog or platform will help you to expand your voice.

We are looking for talented writers who will contribute to our community by providing positive, effective, actionable, and more accurate information. For more information on how you can share your writing, thoughts, research, stories, and skills with the Animal X community, please read our guest post or write for us guidelines (below).

The human being is the best creature on earth. His judgment, thinking, and activity are different and better than any other animal. So every human being should express humanity to other animals.

What Should Be Done?

You’ll be happy to know that you can do the things below. And we support these gladly.

  • You can select any topic on our site.
  • The things we have already published. You can discuss these issues again or add more advanced opinions.
  • You can also submit more than one content.
  • You can take a do-follow backlink through Guest Post on our site. However, you can only take one do-follow backlink for a subscription. If you can keep more backlinks from a single article, you have to pay for extra links.

What Should Not Be Done?

We never reject the content that you’ve sent. But sometimes we are forced to do this. However, if you ‍avoid the following things, your article will never be rejected by us.

  • Our blog is written only in English. So you must prefer English.
  • Irrelevant writing is absolutely unacceptable. So read our published articles earlier, then send us content.
  • We don’t accept which is difficult to read, which is not effective, false, irrational, fake, copied, full or partially published, not your own, etc. We strictly follow the plagiarism rules and regulations.
  • You cannot make an advertisement or promotion of your own or anyone else in your post.
  • If your article contains anything that offends national or international law, political ideology, religious beliefs, social norms and values, or insulting or offensive attitudes of any institution, race, group, group, and generation, we will never publish your writing.

Cautions for Guest Post

  1. Your Article is Your Responsibility – Anyway, after we approve or publish your article if in the future we find in your article any information or element which is completely untrue or harms or incites harm to society, religious, ethnic, national, and international policy and law, then your article we reserve the right to remove the article or link from our website with or without informing you. And we are not obliged to pay you any compensation for this.
  2. Max. External Links – We only allow one external link to an article. This is what we highly recommend. However, if you want to provide more than one external link in an article, you have to pay 50% extra for each additional link. We do not allow more than three external links in an article despite your pay.
  3. Pay Your Dues on Time – Pay your dues within 5 (five) business days after your article is published on our site or give us a valid reason before the deadline. Otherwise, we will remove the link from your article. However, after removing the link, whenever you pay our dues, we will attach your link to the article again.

How to Prepare an Article for Us?

You can be a good writer. Your writing can be very beautiful. But if you don’t present it politely ‍and send it to us. Then we can’t evaluate that writing properly. We fail to respect your writing accurately and are forced to make a wrong decision. So follow the rules below, and send us your article.

  • Write an article in a word file or document (.doc or .docx) formate.
  • Your article must be more than 1,000 words.
  • Give a nice title for the article.
  • Arrange the headers and sub-headers in the right order.
  • You can use the hyperlink default option for Internal and External Links or Anchor Text.
  • Write a summary of your article in a separate notepad or .txt file. The summary must be written in between 100-160 characters.
  • If needed, you can place pictures in a separate folder for your article. The image must be high-resolution, copyright-free, or royalty-free images. Besides, you can attach Shutterstock’s image links to a notepad or .txt file.
  • Mark the picture’s placements in the article.
  • All the documents, files, and folders keep in the main file and convert into the .zip file (not .rar or any other format). And send it to us.
  • Use our Contact Page to send your content.

Why Write for Us?

You can ask why you would write for us or submit your research base and informative article to us as a guest post. In reply, we will inform you to smile and ask again why you do not do it. Reasons: –

  • According to Google Analytics, we have handsome visitors per month for this site.
  • This site is approved by Google News.
  • All major Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. get indexed within minutes after publishing an article on this site.
  • Our has a positive impact on social sites that has so many subscribers, members, followers, etc.
  • We regularly share our all published articles on social sites as references.
  • From our Animal X site, you can create the do-follow, juicy, and permanent backlink through guest post submission, write for us, backlink exchange, or any recognized contribution.
  • We have various local and international visitors, followers, subscribers, members, and clients. In such a community, through your writing or skill sharing, you too can prove your talent or spread it beyond your limited boundaries. Why would you miss such an opportunity?
  • Also, if you are an excellent writer and you are able to satisfy us through your writing, then you have the opportunity to become a permanent content writer on our behalf with a good budget, salary, and incentives.
  • And more valuable facilities.

Price of Guest Post or Advertisement

As you may already know, we follow some strict and specific guidelines on guest posts or advertisement questions on our site. One more thing you should know is that we don’t allow free guest posts or advertisements on our site. We accept guest posts at four different prices. From here you can get an idea of anything else. For example,

  • $55 when you will provide a 1,000+ words article. The article must be of a learning or educational flavor.
  • $75 when your article will be a review of things.
  • $25 when you submit an article based on the keyword we provide. At the same time, you need to create a backlink on your site for our site.
  • $250+ when you will insert your link in the existing article. This rate is not fixed. It depends on your choosing article and its ranking keywords.
  • $15 when you submit a relevant comment in any published article. The comment must be longer than 30 words.
  • $0.001 per square pixel for a month when you want to display a banner on our website.

Note: We do not accept copyright, illegal, plagiarized, violated, CBD, gambling, casino, adult, dating, auto-generated articles, and those articles that are outside the real niche of our site.


  • Payoneer (Request or Make a Payment), and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers)
  • Hire to Pay- Fiverr, Freelancer, and UpWork.
  • bKash, and Rocket (only for BD)
  • Besides, you can pay us through a Credit Card, Debit Card, VISA Card, and Bank Wire on behalf of Payoneer, if your country supports it.
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