How to Trim Cat Nails at Home? [4 Easy Steps]

Normally, cats used their claws or nails for hunting and climbing trees, walls, or higher places. They are also used to identify areas from scratch. When his nails are sharp, the cat releases the pheromone to get leaving a tail on their surroundings. This habit can cause furniture damage. In this situation, do you want to learn how to trim cat nails at home? Yet, you’ve come to the right places. Here, we’ve discussed how to cut kitten nails at home.

Before going to the main topic, we should be cleared of what is cat’s claw is. For relevance, we will also bring out more in this article—for example, importance, time of not-trimming, and trimming cat claws.

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How to Trim Cat Nails at Home?

What is Cat’s Claw?

The cat’s claw consists of two parts: One keratinized part and another nail pulp. The Keratinized part is a superposition of horny layers. On the other hand, Nail pulp exists in the middle. It contains the blood vessels and nerves. The cat has 5 (five) toes on the front foot and 4 (four) toes on the back foot.

How to Trim Cat Nails at Home?

There are described how to trim a cat’s nails without getting scratched. Trimming cat claws is divided into two phases. Such as:

  1. Preparation Phase
  2. Action Phase

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A. Preparation Phase:

In this phase, you will ensure a conducive environment for success. After all, you’ll prepare yourself and also prepare your cat. See more important things about this phase. Such as:-

  1. Collect the Necessary Kit: You should arrange all the required tools to cut the cat’s nails. You will need a pair of cat nail trimmers; small-sized trimmers are most perfect for this work. Don’t forget to collect the cat’s favorite treats, blanket, or towels to fold up the legs. If your cat prefers a box or basket, you can collect it also.
  2. Ensure Comfortable of Feline: You need to create a compassionate environment to complete this task. That’s why you can hug your cat through napping on laps. For calm down, reward treats, or anything else. You can take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete these.
  3. Know Your Claws: This part is very important. It would help if you had a clear idea of what you’re going to do. So, know the cat’s claws. Meanwhile, we discussed it above.
  4. Keep Calm, Comfortable, and Confident: Keep calm yourself and your cat, ensure comfort and complete this task.
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How to Trim Cat’s Nails Without Getting Scratched?

B. Action Phase

If you ensure the previous phase or preparation phase, you will come here. It is the main part of how to cut cat nails with human clippers or any other way. Keep in mind that don’t waste your time here. Try to finish it quickly without taking extra time. However, this action phase has been completed with 4 (four) easy steps. Such as:-


When the cat is relaxed, happy, and calm, it is ideal for cutting the cat’s nails. Remember that keep far from the cat’s claw in the trimming. Otherwise, you may be injured. For more protection, you can cover your legs with a folded-up fat cloth like a blanket or a towel.


Hold the cat’s nails between your thumb and fingers. This will not allow the cat to move his paw easily and will remain stable. You can also apply a little bit of pressure to make sure. But don’t push too hard; it will irritate the cat and hurt your work.


If you ask how to trim a cat’s nails that won’t let you, we will answer this way. Most of the cats use hind legs to free themselves. So, you can start cutting back paws first to prevent yourself from nasty scratches. It is the best solution for how to trim angry cat claws. Again, some pets let their owners cut their claws while napping on laps. That’s why you might consider keeping a pair of clippers close to your kitten while hugging.


You must cut the dewclaws, don’t forget! Identified at the front side of each leg and just after wrists, small nails look like a thumb. Since it is not used often, it grows excessively. It may be the cause of pain. Check nails at least once a month so that these are sorted.

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What Happens if You Don’t Trim Your Cat’s Nails?

Besides, knowing how to trim cat nails, you have to know what happens if you don’t trim your cat’s nails. So, let’s try to know some worst points for those clipping cat nails are so important. Such as:-

  • If you use carpet at home, trimming cat claws is necessary. Otherwise, the pet’s claws often get stuck while walking.
  • Non-cutting nails help the cat to climb or jump on things by extending its claws. It is never pleasant for you if you have leather or vinyl furniture.
  • They can accidentally injure themselves. It happens when they lick back legs with their tongue.
  • Sofas, cushions, pillows, etc., can be scratched badly for the overgrown cat claws.
  • You can get hurt by the claws with a little bit of a snout when you take care of the cat.
  • The long cat’s nails can harm the children.
  • If you don’t cut nails, the cat will be encouraged to shred or scratch the furniture, even the people.
  • Sharpening nails of the feline indicates bad grooming.

How Often to Trim Cat Nails?

The simple answer is that when the nails are long, you have to cut the nails. We know you’re not satisfied with the answer. So, don’t worry! We will explain more. But you should take this matter seriously as you are an animal lover or a cat owner.

According to the vet, It is important to cut nails every ten days to two weeks. If your cat refuses to let you nail trimming, ask your groomer or vet for help. And follow their instructions because they are very expert in providing the cat claw trimming service. Remember, if you learn only how to cut kitten nails at home, it is not enough. You have also learned how often to trim cat nails.


If you follow all instructions described above, you can learn how to trim cat claws alone or how to trim cat nails at home. All the above information is written on the advice of experienced vets. So don’t do anything extra yourself. If you have any doubts, you must contact a good vet.

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