Why Does My Cat Chew Cardboard Boxes? (5 Best Reasons)

The Solution of Cardboard Chewing - Is It Safe or Not for Cats

If you keep your cat to the nearest to a cardboard box for two minutes or more, you’ll see amazing things. Your cat will create a good relationship with cardboard boxes. And suddenly she starts chewing on it. She got the pleasure to do it. A question can arise in your mind why does my cat chew cardboard boxes. That’s what we’re going to discuss today. And we’ll try to find a proper answer to that. Before going to the main topic, we have to acquire a clear idea of some basic things, they are chewing, eating, cardboard, etc.


Chewing is a process by which food is crushed by teeth. This is the first step in digestion. The presence of enzymes at this stage is further effective in the breakdown of the surface area of the food. Chewing is one of the most common behaviors in cats. It is a behavior that can easily enter other areas of cat life.


Eating, it’s another name is consuming. It is the ingestion of food. By which heterotrophic organism with energy provides and allows growth. Animals and other heterotrophs must eat to survive. And that’s true of cats all the time.


Cardboard is a common term for long-lasting paper-based products that have higher durability and greater thickness or other precise mechanical qualities on paper. For example rigidity, foldability, and impact resistance. Construction is from a dense sheet recognized as paperboard to corrugated fiberboard that can be made of multiple flat and corrugated layers. Remember it is not food-worthy and is also harmful to your cat.

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Why Does My Cat Chew Cardboard Boxes?

Why Does My Cat Chew Cardboard Box?

Although we know that chewing cats is normal behavior, vets find some specific reasons. Under this section, we try to elaborate on these reasons according to vets prescribed when you ask them – why does my cat chew cardboard box?

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It’s Just Plain Fun!

Cats can find interesting things. This means that he can play with your hair, pull your shoes, he can overturn his own bowl of food, he can wrap himself in the door cloth, etc. That is, he can play with anything for fun. The cardboard box may also be included in it.

Your cat may enjoy the sounds and texture that cardboard box makes, while they are a bit bored. If you’ve adopted a cardboard-loving cat, you should buy a Scratch ‘n Play Ramp Reversible Cardboard Toy and Catnip from Amazon to offer your cat.

This is your cat’s predator drive:

Because of love, you think that your cat is too soft and knows nothing but meow. But the fact is, your cat is a canning hunter. The international cat care website mentions 9 steps of cats which have told about the methods of hunting, killing, and swallowing of cats. You may find it like a 90’s Horror movie, but that’s the eternal Truth. Because their ancestors did all this, which we can know from ancient Egyptians.

So what to do with this cardboard box? Some cats will be pulled on the cardboard as if they were providing a murder bite or isolating their victim a bit. Even the process of tearing the cardboard is learning from here what your cat will do after a successful hunt.

So, vets suggest to cat owners like this way if you don’t mind the season open permanently on the cardboard, you don’t need a toy! Just make sure your cat does not turn to eat a cardboard box from chewing!

It Feels Good On Sore Gums:

Studies show that cats more than 4 years old have some kind of dental disease somewhere between 50-90%. This means teeth have not only tartar and plaque but only gingivitis and sore smother. Chewed on some of the cardboards can make gum feel better – like itching.

While that’s not to say, chewed on cardboard is not an alternative to proper dental care! Make sure your cat sees a veterinarian for regular dental tests!

But if your cat chooses to slowly chomp on the cardboard with a near bite, they may use your latest delivery to give their gums a slight massage of their potential problems. Inflamed gum or dental disease has not of your cat, they can only enjoy the feel of cardboard in their gums!

Your cat is identifying their turf:

Cats are naturally regional and your cat can use that cardboard box as a way to mark their turf. Probably, you’ve seen your cat mark the furniture, doorway, or you. It’s another name is scent marking to mark the location. This energy can be noticed more in dogs than cats. Not all cats will have a relationship with the cardboard box in this way, if you notice it in your cat, there is no harm in it.

Cardboard Chewing is Normal for Cats?

A cat chews and licks cardboard, it’s very normal. But there may be various reasons why your cat bit cardboard and cut it into pieces, the most common reason is that your cat gets a lot of pleasure by doing this.

Is it safe for cats to chew a cardboard box?

When you ask “why does my cat chew cardboard box?”, there is another question behind it. That’s the secret question is that it is safe for cats. The answer is that most of the time, it’s completely safe for your cat to chew on cardboard. But you can take care of the following things for the extra alert. Such as:-

  • You let the cat chew, there’s no problem with that. But you can’t let it swallow.
  • The cardboard should smoothen the sharp parts before being given in front of the cat. Otherwise, your cat may injure by it.
  • Best of all, if the cardboard is toxic-free. If possible, you can make sure of it.

Final Thought:

Cats are very funny animals. It’s very difficult to understand when they do it for fun. While the love of chewing, licking, and playing with the cardboard is almost universal in cats, there are different reasons why they find it fun!

As we love our cat very much, we are careful about our cat. And that’s why we have a lot of questions in our minds. And one such question is – why does my cat chew cardboard box?

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