Why Do Cats Hate Water When Dogs Love Water? 5 Big Causes

Cats and dogs are known as pets. Both are great animals, intelligent and fearless, so people love them enough. Almost everyone knows that dog is good at swimming but a cat being scared of water. Not just dogs, there are many animals that love to swim. But cats prefer to be hundreds of hands away from the reservoir or bathtub. Why do cats hate water when dogs love water? Or, what is the reason for the cat’s fear of water? Do you ever have such questions in your mind? Cats get angry when they sprinkle water. But why are cats so scared when they see water.

If you take a look at domestic dogs or cats, you will see that even though dogs love to deal with water, cats do not like to put water on their bodies.

It is good to know that there are some reasons behind this strange nature! Let’s not know why cats are afraid to see water.

Why Do Cats Hate Water When Dogs Love Water?

Kelly Bolen, a veterinarian and former director of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in the United States, recently spoke about the cause. He mentions two reasons for a cat being scared of water.  We also get an explanation of the meaning of the cat’s licking from him. However, let’s go to our main topic.

  1. Body Fur
  2. Swimming Ability

1. Body Fur:

Kelly answers the question – why are some cats afraid of water? It may be that the type of cat’s fur is not conducive to soaking in water. When cat fur gets wet, it takes a long time to dry, which makes it feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, the type of dog fur is such that it dries easily, so the dog does not feel uncomfortable in the water.

2. Swimming Ability:

Cats are also more likely to be uncomfortable swimming, but dogs are not. Some dogs swim so well that they are called ‘water dogs’. Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Irish Water Spaniel, Poodle, Newfoundland, Portuguese Water Dog, German Shepherd, etc. dogs are also quite popular for swinging in water. Of these, Dog Breeds are well-known for their huge jowls. In this context, Bolen said, the structure of the cat’s paw is such that it is able to control anything hard, but not suitable for use in water. The structure of the dog’s paw is such that it does not cause any difficulty while swimming in the water.

Beyond these reasons, Bolen said, dogs and cats have been familiar with water for a long time. Besides, the cat has cryophobia.

Why Are Cats Scared of Water (More Reasons)?

Other more practitioners have found a number of scientific reasons for the cat’s behavior about the afraid of water. According to them, there are described here below. Such as:-

Formation of Paws:

The size and shape of the cat’s paw make it suitable for navigation. They lose their balance when they are floating in the water. But that is not the case with dogs. Dog’s paws are useful for floating in the water.

Nature of Skin:

The nature of dog and cat skin is also different. Cat skin is more sensitive. It cannot adapt very well to water or any other liquid, for example, oil. The cat is a cold animal on it. Wet hair and skin are upset all day long. So they do not like water at all.

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Why Do Cats Hate Water When Dogs Love Water?

How to Give a Cat a Bath That Hates Water?

It is not right to force the cat to take a bath every day. Wipe their bodies with a dry soft cloth. That will keep the cat’s body clean. You can wash it off with light warm water every two weeks.

At first, he was gently attracted to the bath. Do not rush, remember, bathing is not the cat’s choice. To get started, first wet his paws. Or when you take a bath, you can put him by your side so that he gets used to the sound of running water. When his paws get a little wet, you can treat him a little. Develop your brain a little more, so that your cat is more attracted. You can float one of your cat’s favorite toys in the water.

How to Make Cats Not Afraid of Water?

Sandra Sawchuk, who is a clinical instructor at the School of Veterinary Medicine. This well-known female veterinarian made almost the same statement as Kelly Bolen when she was questioned – Why are some cats afraid of water? But how to get your cat to like water? A complete guideline is available about this from her. There are included some tricks and tips by which you’ll be able to cut down the cat’s afraid of water according to Sawchuk. All of these instructions are tested and passed the result.

  • Put or sink the kitty in an empty bathtub and play with her favorite toy there. Talk to her with affection. And give her enough time in the tub. Continue like this for a few days.
  • When she feels comfortable in a dry tub, you can rub her with a wet washcloth. There is no need to soak him completely at this stage.
  • In the next step, you can add light-warm hot water to the tub. Wet your kitty’s feet there and try to feel it. At this time do not forget to put his favorite toy in the water.
  • If all goes well and continues to go according to your plan, now you try to wet him with a washcloth and water. You can use a cup or your hand or shower pipe to use it, but it will be the wrong choice to try to impose sinking her in water.
  • Give him time and talk to him softly and calmly, caress. Once bathed, wrap her in a floppy cloth so that the cat will be satisfied with you. Dry him as much as possible.

If you occasionally apply the above to your cat, hopefully, your cat will no longer be afraid to look at the water. Maybe you never say that again – why do cats don’t like water?


Finally, from the overall discussion, we can say that the instinct of the cat is to stay away from the water. And that’s why we notice this fear of water from cats. And we say why cats are afraid of water or why do cats hate water? We can reduce its level through practice but it is not possible to eradicate it completely. So far today we will discuss something else later. Again, this discussion will continue to grow according to your suggestions and needs, so visit our site regularly. Thanks.

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